Weekly Chartbook

By: Aaron Lang - Portfolio Analyst

December 21, 2021

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Market Performance (One Week)

Source: YCharts
Disclaimer: Past performance is no guarantee of future performance

The Good News

GDP growth is very high

And leading economic indicators remain very strong

The Bad News

Investor sentiment continues to fall 

And this doesn’t seem good

And I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising as global debt increases at a record pace

And mergers & acquisitions are setting records

The State Of The Market

The Fed didn’t really surprise the market last week

One interesting note: Powell levels the wage conversations

But still reason to believe that’s still coming

And the strong economic rebound has led a rally in the dollar, far greater than many thought at the beginning of the year

But the market doesn’t think the Fed can actually reach their targets

And the yield curve is flattening quickly 

But high yield spreads seem to be shrugging the worries off for now

Charts Of The Week


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