Strategic Portfolios

Our investment philosophy is clear and straightforward. Our focus is on absolute risk-adjusted returns vs. benchmark relative returns. We believe that superior investment performance is derived from designing and implementing portfolios that protect wealth, capture opportunities, and provide attractive risk-adjusted returns after inflation, taxes and fees.

Asset Categories of a Diversified Portfolio

Fixed Income

This portion of the portfolio is designed to deliver stable value and attractive income primarily through municipal and high-grade bonds. Higher yielding segments of the fixed income market may be included, such as US Corporate High Yield, bank loans, and Non-US debt when risk/return ratios are attractive.


Exposure to equity investments offers the potential for capital appreciation far above inflation over long periods of time, although at higher risk. Our focus is on strategies that can deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns over market cycles and may include large, mid and small cap as well as US, international and emerging markets stock portfolios.


Investments in this category seek to deliver alternative sources of return and lower correlation to traditional long-only stock and bond portfolios. We may use a combination of multi-strategy, equity, long short and other investments that are held through both liquid mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds.

Strategic Portfolios

Clear Rock creates and manages portfolios that blend stability, growth and diversification. Similar to the strategy used by many endowments, but with a focus on tax efficiency, using a diversified mix of:

  • Fixed Income which creates stability and income
  • Equity investments that can offer growth and appreciation
  • Alternative investments which diversify sources of return and reduces risk from traditional stock and bond portfolios

Risk Averse


Capital Preservation




Capital Growth