RIA Solutions

At Clear Rock, our RIA Partners are our extended family. We partner and work exclusively with select independent advisors who closely align with our investment philosophy, cultural attributes, and our commitment to excellence to serve clients with authenticity, transparency, and superior service. We provide our proven investment expertise coupled with state-of the-art back-office and portfolio administration to empower our RIA Partners. By partnering with Clear Rock, our select RIA Partners can avoid high cost in-house investment capabilities and instead devote their time to servicing their clients and building their practice.

Integrated RIA Solutions


Outsourced CIO

• Market and Investment Research and Analysis
• Institutional Investment Strategies
• Asset Allocation Strategy Development
• Risk-Managed Strategic Portfolios
• Timely & Relevant Investment Communications

Portfolio Trading, Monitoring & Reporting

• Trade Execution
• Reconciliation to Custodian
• Client Reporting
• Dynamic Advisor Portal

Integrated Solution


Outsourced CIO

Market and Investment Manager Research

Market and Investment Research and Analysis

We perform rigorous analysis of asset classes and investment managers to identify best-of-class investment opportunities.  Each strategy is managed consistent with targeted risk and return profiles.

Institutional Investment Strategies

We leverage our buying power to provide our RIA Partners access to high minimum, cost effective institutional investment strategies.

Asset Allocation Strategy Development

Our asset allocation strategies are developed to achieve the most attractive level of returns given the level of risk assumed and are deployed using traditional stocks and bonds, and enhanced with diversifying exposure and alternative investments.

Risk-Managed Strategic Portfolios

Our strategic portfolio construction emphasizes differentiated sources of returns designed to lower risk. Individual investments are assessed using sophisticated risk management tools to reveal intended and unintended exposures in the portfolio.

Timely & Relevant Investment Communications

We provide proactive investment communications to keep our RIA Partners informed on our investment program.  We publish a quarterly market commentary and periodic investment related blogs that provide insights into our market analysis.  We host regular webcasts on managers in which we are invested and report on adjustments made to our portfolios.

Portfolio Trading, Monitoring & Reporting

Trade Execution

Efficient and robust trading capabilities for best execution of the strategic allocation customized toward client investment objectives.

Generational Wealth Transfer

Reconciliation to Custodian

Daily reconciliation of cash, transactions, positions and cost basis between Clear Rock’s accounting system records to those of the custodian ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

Client Reporting

In addition to standard holding and transaction reports, we provide a snapshot of clients’ current and strategic allocations, performance returns at both asset class and account levels, monthly overview of account value changes, and insightful quarterly market commentary.

Dynamic Advisor Portal

Web-based access to client accounts with daily updated portfolio holdings, transactions, performance and other information for superior client servicing. View daily updated performance at the relationship, account and securities levels of the portfolio.