Word to the Wise: This is not 1980

We have been hearing plenty of comparisons recently between “Reaganomics” and “Trumponomics”. Even their populist slogans, of “Morning in America” and “Make America Great Again” ring a similar tone. Shaking things up in Washington DC was as popular of a theme in 1980 as it is today. Rolling back job-killing government regulation, reducing taxes, and...
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What is Normal?

There is a lot of discussion among economists and market strategists about a “return to normal”.  This primarily refers to a return to a neutral fiscal policy by the Federal Reserve from a period of unprecedented monetary stimulus resulting in artificially low interest rates.  But, how do we define normal? One way to estimate what...
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Market Commentary
Q3 2016

Markets did well in the 3rd quarter, primarily due to the Federal Reserve maintaining low interest rates and an economy that continues to show gradual improvement. While this economic expansion is now the fourth longest since WWII, it is also the slowest and has produced total growth that is fractional compared to previous expansionary periods....
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Reasons For Optimism

Stocks have failed to surpass the highs set last year and have even broken down in some parts of the world.  So, where is the downward pressure coming from? The most obvious recent pressure is political.  The surprise vote from the UK to leave the EU is a classic example.  Less obvious is the slowing...
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A Different Approach

At Clear Rock, we believe it is important to invest a portion of our clients’ assets in a category we call Diversifying and Opportunistic investments. Global economies and markets are more connected than ever, making it difficult to achieve true diversification with a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds. During the last market downturn, investors...
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The Next 7 Years

One thing we know is the financial crisis of 2008 created incredible opportunities to own assets of all types at incredibly low entry points.  That was 7 years ago but seems like yesterday to investors who experienced the gut-wrenching feeling of opening a quarterly investment statement and seeing the damage wrought by the market sell-off....
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Diversified Portfolios

The biggest market challenge today is extremely low interest rates that have persisted for the better part of a decade.  These low rates have pushed bond and stock prices higher over the past few years resulting in lower expected returns going forward.  Bond holders are watching their high coupon bonds issued 10+ years ago mature. ...
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Financial Services Veterans Establish New Firm

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AUSTIN & DALLAS, TX, March 28, 2016 – Three leading Texas financial advisors have announced the launch of Clear Rock Advisors, LLC, a full-service wealth management firm aimed at helping families manage wealth for generations. The firm has offices in Austin and Dallas and specializes in serving high net worth families with customized wealth management...
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